3 Budget-Friendly Home Updates You Can Do Today!

3 Budget-Friendly Home Updates You Can Do Today!

The biggest misconception in the home decor and remodeling world is that you have to spend tons of money to achieve a perfect look. Throw that idea away!! You can make home updates all on your own, in a budget-friendly way. There is no perfect look, there's only what speaks to you and what compliments yours and your home's style the best. So, that means if you find your decor and materials at a thrift shop and home depot, there is no judgement here!! We love to give you inspiration to achieve your own looks, as well as letting us help you with your future project. So take a look at 3 easy and quick home updates you can to do your home today!

Bye Bye Dim and Dingy Lights!

Ever walked into a house and it looked light it was day-time and nighttime at the same time? That's probably because of two things, light bulbs have gotten so dim they're casting a yellow light, or the light fixture is so old that it creates a 70's vibe in the room. Either way, light bulbs and fixtures are the simplest,(probably cheapest) update you can do for your home today. If you have a room that doesn't have a light fixture or ceiling fan to replace, you can always get a lamp to just add to ambiance. When updating your fixtures, it's best to have an experienced handyman or electrician with you to help with wire management if there is any. If you're just changing lightbulbs, those are easy enough! For lightbulbs, look for Bright and/or LED options that are long-lasting and eco friendly. Pay attention to any natural light coming into that room, and try to match what is there, i.e; soft white or daylight. We've also rounded up a few of our favorite light fixtures here to browse!

Let Your Inner Artist Shine

One of the first items a homeowner looks at in the kitchen is the cabinets. Old cabinets that don't have modern colors or simply just a poor paint job can change a home's look and value, fast! Not only does it cost very little to give your cabinets a facelift, it also can be done in one weekend given you have all the supplies. You can get your DIY on and have a painting party, or if absolutely needed, you could pay a general contractor/handyman to paint them for you. Once you have a new coat of paint that is sealed, you can see if the kitchen needs any other updates, but usually your kitchen updates will be more costly. Especially if countertops, backsplash and/or floor tiles need to be replaced. However, freshly painted cabinets can totally change the kitchen and put on hold some major updates for a little while. A hot cabinet color right now is Pewter Green by Sherwin Williams. Southern Living predicts it will be a hot color in 2022 as well.

Did Someone Say Curb Appeal

Curb appeal can be defined as many things, often subjective and very personal. It depends on what type of home you have, the environment, and how much you're willing to spend. Although landscaping as a whole can be expensive, especially if you're starting from scratch, it can also be done simply and without hiring a contractor. Home Depot, Walmart or your local plant nursery has tons of plants that are ready to put in flowerbeds and pots. A quick revamp of some colorful flowers and leaves can change the look of your house quickly. If you want to go one step further, you can get some fertilizer and sprinkle out on the grass to improve its color and growth. Plant Hill Nursery blog is a great resource for beginners all the way to experts. They give fresh ideas for landscaping that you can all do on your own!

Home Updates with quick inexpensive fixes can be done if you're looking to sell your home. But also if you just have a free weekend and are looking to do a little work! While these are not the only updates you could do, they're a good place to start! As always, if you're looking to do a larger upgrade, such as your flooring, please reach out to us!