3 reasons to purchase a floating floor

3 reasons to purchase a floating floor

You can install a floating floor over many subfloors, including concrete, wood, and sometimes other floating floors. Floating floors don't need to be glued down since they float on the subfloor and are secured in place with your baseboards. You simply remove the old flooring, then install the new wood planks directly over the existing subfloor.

A floating floor is a great option for almost any room in your home. It's easy to install, looks great, and is very durable. If you're considering installing vinyl plank flooring in your kitchen or bathroom, you might have some questions about whether or not it will stand up to the use and abuse that goes on there every day. There are many reasons why floating floors can offer an excellent solution:

It Can Save You TONS Of Time

Laying down your new floating floor is a lot easier than you might think, especially if the existing flooring is in good condition. All you have to do is lay your new floating floor over the old one; no need for removal or anything of that sort! This saves time, which means less hassle for you and more time to enjoy your new space.

Many people opt to save time, because time is precious now! People have busy lives. We are seeing more people wanting to finish their project quicker, so they can enjoy their new floors with family. A floating floor gives time and freedom during the flooring installation process.

Less Damage to Pre-existing Floors With A Floating Floor

Floating floors are easy to install. This is because they don't require nails or glue to keep them in place. Instead, they're laid on top of your preexisting subfloor and gently tapped into place with a rubber mallet. It's that simple!

Floating floors are also very easy to keep in place over time. Unlike with other kinds of flooring, floating floors don't need to be nailed down they simply rest on top of the wood underpinnings and can be easily lifted up if necessary (though you should never do this yourself unless you have a license or are extremely experienced.)

Less damage also allows for more freedom down the line, if you wish to do something different!

Floating Floor Not Only Looks Great It's Durable

Floating floor like laminate and luxury vinyl is typically made with a cork layer or PVC core, and a waterproof backing, making it easy to install. The cork layer protects the subfloor from moisture and warping, while the protective backing makes it simple to set up. Once installed, floating floors can last for decades without any problems.

Floors are also easy to clean because they are waterproof and stain resistant. Which means that spills won't ruin your floor or cause damage over time.

As you can see, there are a lot of great reasons to install a floating floor. It's an affordable way to get a new look in your home, and is usually quicker than other types of flooring installation. If you're looking to do this project yourself, we recommend checking out our Guide To Waterproof Flooring post. We have pictures and videos that will help guide you through the process as well on our Youtube channel!