How Much Does a Tile Shower Cost?

How Much Does a Tile Shower Cost?

When you're remodeling your home, one of the most important things to figure out is how much your project will cost. How can you select styles and colors without pricing and get a feel for what you like? But after a few internet searches, you realize pricing is not entirely transparent, not just for tiles but for many products.

At Flooring Solutions, we firmly believe in providing transparency in pricing. Especially when it comes to such a significant decision as tiling a shower, you want to have an idea going into this project to begin budgeting. We know the ins & outs of tiling a shower and how each little thing can add up and play a role in the total cost to tile a shower.

These facts will help prepare you for the next stage in your project and give you some peace of mind when making product selections. Knowing it fits your budget, you can confidently select the right tile for your shower. In this article, we'll guide you through the different prices and help you put peace of mind towards your cost concerns.

What is the Average Cost to Tile A Shower

Getting an average cost would be simple if every shower was the same size. Just as bathrooms come in different sizes, so do showers. You could have a custom-built shower with specific dimensions or buy a home with a standard-size shower. The average size is around 100 square feet, and that usually includes the floor of the shower, along with the walls.

The average cost to tile a 100-square-foot shower is between $3500-$6000. If you are looking for some numbers to start budgeting, you can take your total square footage where the tile is going floors, walls, and ceilings, if applicable and multiply that number by 40. We know what you're thinking, Forty dollars per square foot!. That number might scare you away! But remember, showers are usually MUCH smaller than any other space you'll be installing tile or flooring.

The average Flooring Solutions of Memphis customer spends between $4,000-$5,000 on the new tile for their shower.The average cost does include the installation; however, it does not include specific necessary and crucial elements. Plumbing, shower glass, faucets, or other shower fixtures are always extra costs.

If you have an existing bathtub & shower combo and are only looking to install tile on the wall behind the tub, this will cost significantly less. The cost is mainly different due to having less square footage. The existing wall area behind a bathtub is around 65 square feet. You can expect to pay anywhere from $2800-$3500 for this type of tile shower renovation.

What factors can increase/decrease the average cost

1. Location of the tile:
Are we taking it to the ceiling, stopping right before the ceiling, and how tall are your ceilings? These factors can play a role because of overall square footage changes and how difficult the project becomes due to more rigorous labor.

2. Tile selection:
There are budget-friendly tile options for a shower, such as ceramic & Porcelain tiles. However, if you choose an alternative such as stone, it is 30-50% more expensive on average. Selecting a budget-friendly tile can help save if you need to be conservative or are already over budget on your project.

3. Different types of grout:

If you've ever seen your grout turn a yellow or brown color in your shower, the grout is likely not mold, mildew, and proof stain-proof, even after multiple cleaning attempts. To prevent these stains, a high-quality grout is recommended.

Three reasons shower tile installation may cost more:

1. Rigorous demo/haul off
Demoing and hauling off tile is already a physically demanding task, which usually reflects in your total shower project cost. But if there are complications during haul-off, such as needing to rent a truck or larger vehicle, that can pose an extra charge.

2. Size of tile/type
If you're installing a large format tile, it takes longer and can be more challenging for you or your installation crew. Large-format tiles must be handled and installed correctly, which can add to the overall installation cost.

3. Custom design/niche
Mosaic tiles are often installed in tile showers to create an accent or pop of color. These custom designs can increase the cost of your shower because mosaic tiles are more expensive than traditional tiles and cost more to install.


What Additional Materials Impact the Cost of a Tile Shower

Whether you're starting a new construction project and have a clean slate to work with, or if you're renovating an existing shower, there are additional materials you need to finish the project. The suitable materials are crucial for you or your installation crew. After all, you want a stunning and durable tile shower that will last for years.

Several additional materials can impact the cost of a tile shower, including:

1. Thinset
Thinset is the glue you need on any tile project, not just a shower. However, the thinset used during tile shower installation is of higher quality than the floor tile thinset. The quality of the thinset ensures your tiles glue properly to the subsurface.

2. Waterproofing system
To prevent leaks, a waterproofing membrane is often installed underneath the tile. The important thing is to ensure you establish a waterproofing system and refrain from trying to cut corners or save money in this area.

3. Shower pan
A shower pan serves as the shower floor, which is highly important. The shower pan is installed under the tile to prevent water from seeping into the subfloor.

4. Shower seat/bench
If you're like many homeowners, your dream shower includes a bench or a seat of some kind. Installing this piece of equipment in a shower is usually an extra cost.

What is the Average Cost to Remove Tile in a Shower

Removing the old tile and shower materials can get messy, and it also requires more effort to haul away the heavy materials than certain flooring coverings. The cost to remove and haul off old material is a fee you'll typically see included in your installation package. Each flooring company is different and may not provide the same information in a quote. However, you can expect to pay between $2-$5 per square foot to remove the tile.

Some disposal fees are likely passed down from the flooring company to the homeowner during a renovation. These fees can look like dumpster site and haul-off fees or if the installation crew has to rent a van or truck for demolition.

Knowing all the fees upfront before committing to the project is essential, so you aren't caught off guard when it comes time to pay. Be sure your flooring specialist thoroughly explains the cost of shower tile installation and removal, as well as any extra fees in a way you can understand.

Is A New Tile Shower Worth The Cost

A new tile shower is a great way to add value to your home and give off a "Wow!" factor. Seeing the result can be gratifying, knowing you invested your money into something functional, beautiful, and good quality.

By understanding the average cost of installing tile in a shower and the extra materials that impact that price, you can ensure the selected style fits perfectly into your budget. A new shower can be a luxurious addition to your bathroom, adding value to your home and overall experience. At Flooring Solutions, we understand the major decision to begin a project of this size and its costs. Now that you are armed with the information on how to budget for your tile shower, you may be wondering what does the installation process look like?

One of our Flooring Specialists can help guide you through the process from start to finish, ensuring you are spending your hard-earned money wisely on this project. If you're ready to see which shower tile fits your budget, we highly recommend scheduling an in-store consultation to get started.