How to Prepare Your Home for Flooring Installation

How to Prepare Your Home for Flooring Installation

You've selected a floor you love. You're excited about installing it. You're wondering how great it will look. However, before the installation team starts ripping up the old flooring and installing the new, you wonder if your home is prepared. How do you know what to do before the installation crew shows up?

Flooring Solutions has been in the flooring industry for nearly 15 years. We've installed every floor covering you can think of in many different installation methods. With this expertise and knowledge, we've come across various homes, some prepared for installation and some not. This helps us understand the crucial steps homeowners can take to properly prepare their homes for flooring installation.

So if you're uncertain whether your home is prepared for your new floors, don't fret. We've identified the top things you'll want to complete and consider before the day of your flooring installation. This six-step checklist below can help ensure your flooring installation goes smoothly, and you can enjoy your new floors without any unnecessary headaches. So, let's dive into this checklist so you can take the time to prepare your space correctly and get ready to enjoy the stunning, upgraded floors you've been dreaming of.

In-Home Flooring Installation Checklist

This checklist can apply to various flooring projects and products, including hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl, and tile installation.

1. Remove Necessary Furniture From Your Space:

Check with your flooring company or installer to see if they offer furniture moving. They might move some pieces, while some of the responsibility might be on you. Flooring Solutions understands that moving your furniture, especially heavy, is an enormous task. So we want to take the burden off you.

We can't speak for every flooring company, but Flooring Solutions does perform furniture removal and reset at an additional cost.

Typically, installation crews will move living room furniture, bedroom furniture, and some specialty furniture if it's discussed beforehand. You should check with your flooring company if you have large items like a piano or antique furniture, like a Grandfather clock.

2. Complete Additional Projects Before Installing Floors

Overall, we recommend completing any project that includes significant demolition before flooring installation. Not only for cleanliness but to protect the integrity of your new flooring, along with whatever additional projects you're working on. However, in some cases, it may make sense to install new flooring before beginning your other projects.

Some projects get messier than others, such as scraping popcorn ceilings, moving or knocking down walls, and sometimes installing or removing doors. If these projects are on your list, consider completing them first.

If you're unsure about the order and approach of your projects, it's best to consult with your flooring contractor or designer. They can help you weigh the pros and cons of each method.



3. Empty necessary items from closets.

If you don't have flooring going into that area, you're off the hook, luckily, and there's no need to empty your closets. However, removing the items is best if the flooring is scheduled for installation in closets or rooms with attached closets.

At Flooring Solutions, we have a handy rule of thumb for emptying closets for any items visible from the door handle on the closet door and below, we ask those be removed before the installation crew shows up. Since these are more personal items and likely not considered furniture, the responsibility usually falls on homeowners. You don't want people moving your clothes and shoes, which could be messy if you have things in a particular order.

4. Remove Photos & Paintings From Your Walls

Do you have a lovely oil painting or something of value hanging on your walls? Items such as these pose a risk due to their sentimental or monetary value, and most installation crews do not want to be responsible for that. We encourage you to remove them before the day of installation. With, at times, heavy construction going in the room, it's much safer if they are not around. While crews are moving large flooring pieces to and from the rooms, they can brush up against an item on the wall, or vibrations of hammers or tools could cause parts to fall off the walls.

If you have an item that's impossible to move off the wall, whether it is too heavy, permanent, or difficult to remove, you should notify installers before the installation day. That way, proper steps are followed, and they can cover your valuable pieces with plastic to prevent dust, debris, or damage.

5. Have Pets Safely Put Away For the Day

Pets are like family! The last thing you want is for them to be frightened or, worse, in danger on installation day. Pets don't have to be moved off-site, but you should consider your pet's temperament and make an educated decision. If left unattended, pets could hurt themselves using power tools, loose flooring, and general construction-site materials.

Installers will typically make any cuts to flooring pieces outside, and likely will be lots of doors opening and closing, so pets could escape during that time. If your whole home is getting redone, it's best to have everyone out of it until the end of the installation.


Is Your Home Ready For Flooring Installation

The last thing you want on the installation day is a surprise that your home isn't ready for your new floors after all. What if you have to reschedule after being so excited to get them installed? Your home not being prepared for the installation can cause delays or lead to additional costs, and you may be left feeling more stressed than excited about your flooring project.

Flooring Solutions wants to help you avoid those feelings and work to achieve a smooth and stress-free installation. Sure, problems could arise during installation, but that's what our dedicated team of project managers and flooring specialists is for. We work with you to assess your space and address any issues beforehand to save time and money. After reading this article, you may be one step closer to installing the flooring you love, but you also may ask yourself how to keep them looking fresh & clean. Find out the steps to keeping your new floors cared for and maintained, so your new floors look new for years.

If you're still unsure about your flooring needs, our team of flooring specialists can provide you with a thorough in-home consultation that can put your mind to ease. We can provide you with a thorough installation quote during this in-home consultation.