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What to expect during your in-home consultation


What to Expect During Your In-Home Consultation with Flooring Solutions

Have you ever scheduled an appointment for something, and right after, you thought, "I wish they gave me more information about what's going to happen??"

Or maybe you've already had a professional flooring consultation with a different company, and you still don't feel you have all the information you need to move forward with your project. That's how most homeowners feel when it comes to home improvement appointments.

You should feel prepared to get the most out of your consultation.

If you're considering buying new flooring, you may need more time to feel ready for an in-home consultation. Flooring Solutions aims to meet you where you are so if you are prepared for an in-home consultation, great! We will bring product samples, measure your space, and provide you with a quote. But how do you know if you're ready?

There are a few things you can check off your list to get prepared and consider as your appointment approaches. Your consultation should be all about you and work to your benefit, allowing you to make an informed decision based on your needs. As you learn the purpose of an in-home consultation and how best to prepare, you can have peace of mind before your appointment.

What is the Purpose of Your In-Home Flooring Consultation

Our in-home flooring consultation aims to provide our customers with personalized advice and recommendations regarding home flooring options. A flooring consultant visits your home to assess the room(s) where new flooring is needed. They take measurements and discuss your flooring preferences, needs, and budget.

The consultant will also provide information about the various flooring materials, such as their durability, maintenance requirements, and style options. This consultation helps you decide the best flooring option for your home and ensures that the chosen flooring will fit properly and meet your needs.

Who should be present for your consultation

Having your spouse or other decision-makers present at your appointment is always best. Have you ever seen on of those car commercials where somebody gets surprised with a new car on Christmas Day?

Sounds cool in theory, but that could be a giant surprise and one you wish you would've been a part of. That is why we advise all decision-makers to be present and help with the following things:

1. Budgeting

The following steps are much easier when you can confidently agree on an amount you're willing to spend on your flooring project. You don't have to have a budget; it can be a general idea. But the closer all decision makers can get to the amount you genuinely want to spend will help with product selection and your peace of mind. It also helps to research average price ranges for certain products you may be interested in before your consultation.

2. Decisions

Like that Christmas commercial we mentioned above. It sounds good in theory, but what if you wanted something different? What if you just wanted to be a part of the buying process? These are good things to consider before you make the purchase decision. You and all decision-makers can confidently say you chose the right flooring based on everyone's needs.

3. Style/Design preferences

Even if one or more decision-makers don't have a strong opinion, it's still best to have everyone involved in the design decision. This allows everyone to see the style and design and have an equal opportunity to speak up if they do or don't like it. Your Flooring Specialist can also use this time to offer suggestions based on everyone's preferences.

4. Timeframe

The timeframe is critical because everyone has different schedules. The timeline of your flooring installation and scheduling preferences need to be considered. Please consider allowing all decision-makers to review their calendars and ensure everyone's timelines are on the same page. The timeframe of your product selection is important to discuss as well. What if the product you love is on backorder, and all decision-makers are unaware of that? It can help you switch to a different product you love, or if you're okay with the timeframe, keep the one you select.

allowing all decision-makers to review their calendars and ensure everyone's timelines are on the same page. The timeframe of your product selection is important to discuss as well. What if the product you love is on backorder, and all decision-makers are unaware of that? It can help you switch to a different product you love, or if you're okay with the timeframe, keep the one you select.

Product Selection for Your Flooring Project

Choosing your flooring is the fun part!?Your flooring consultant brings product selections from our showroom so you can see them in your space. You can select flooring from our showroom beforehand or use our professional design services.

Seeing the floors you love in your room is valuable because your home will have different lighting than the showroom. It is sometimes easier to feel more comfortable in your home, and when you're making decisions, that's what we want for you!

There are several ways to tell if the product selection is right for you.

1. It highlights or enhances your current style and design.

2. You keep returning to that selection.

3. It fits within your budget and style preferences.

Professional Flooring Measurements

Our clients want to see how we came up with the total measurements. We strive to be transparent and use precise measuring software to give transparency in measurement and pricing.

Measure Square is our digital measurement tool that allows flooring specialists to measure a project area quickly and accurately. This software will enable us to build a floor plan that matches your home and provides accurate results. It's also fully customizable, so we can show you how specific products will look and cost in certain areas of your home.

The benefits of professional flooring measurements:

1. Saves you money.

Accurate measurements help you save money. If you do not have precise measurements, you may order more or less material than you need, causing problems during installation. Professional measurements ensure you avoid waste and overage costs.

2. Saves you time.

If we can capture accurate measurements on the first try during the in-home consultation, there is no need to come back and measure later. It also allows the flooring company to move through the material ordering process quicker, so you can install your floors more quickly.

3. Fewer project errors.

When the measurements are correct, your project is easier to plan from an installation point of view. Is your project best suited for a specific installation crew, but that needs to be documented? If detailed measurements were rushed, and your flooring specialist should have noted that information, you might not be as happy with the finished project.

4. Detailed drawings of each room.

One significant reason for a professional measurement is to allow everyone to see exactly which rooms are getting measured. It also reassures you that the room is correctly measured, as there could be crucial spaces you, as the homeowner, could miss. The last thing you want is to remeasure multiple rooms because you either forgot to write measurements down or did it incorrectly the first time. Measurement approvals from everyone involved save time, money, and headache.

Will You Receive a Quote at the End of Your Flooring Consultation

Short answer, yes. Long answer, it depends. If youdon't receive a quote at the end of your flooring consultation, don't worry!?If you need help narrowing product selection,?our flooring specialist will allow you time with your other decision-makers. If you don't receive a quote at the end, it may be due to the time allowed for the appointment. Suppose you have different arrangements and need the consultation to end soon, or you get called away unexpectedly.

If you are still waiting to receive a quote, your flooring specialist will likely take your measurements back to the office to put your quote together rather than rush it and potentially make a mistake. The numbers are so important to get right for both you and our company!

If you do receive a quote, there are a few things we encourage you to do.

1. Review all of the details.

Reviewing specific details can save you the headache of having to reach back out to your flooring specialist. If you understand everything during your consultation, that's one less thing on your plate. You need to know what certain line items mean to avoid confusion and potentially lead to the incorrect flooring ordered or a misunderstanding about the installation process.

2. Compare any additional quotes.

It is normal to receive more than one quote for a home improvement project. Although we'd love to say that that doesn't happen at Flooring Solutions, we want to be transparent. Often, a homeowner lets us know they are deciding between two companies. We would suggest you compare quotes, see the similarities and differences, and better understand what's included in each section. Ultimately we want you to choose what is best for you, even if that means it's not with us.

3. Ask questions.

Don't be afraid to speak up! We would like to encourage you to ask questions. After all, the in-home consultation is about you. If your Flooring Specialist makes it about themselves or the company, you might feel less confident about the quality of your project. Ask for clarifications on anything you don't understand, and come to mutual agreements on essential topics.

4. Read Customer Reviews.

You should look over the flooring company's reputation, no matter how many quotes you receive. Does the company have positive Google Reviews??Are there any significant differences between companies that are worth considering? At Flooring Solutions, we encourage our clients to find us online on Google, Facebook, and other places to be as transparent about our quality as possible.


Are You Ready For Your In-Home Consultation With Flooring Solutions

Being prepared for a flooring specialist to enter your home is a relief and puts you in control of your decision. Even if you're in the beginning stages of your flooring project, it's valuable to know what happens next. If you're planning to purchase new flooring, you want the process to be productive and informative, not leave you more confused than when you started.

The In-Home Consultation with Flooring Solutions provides more than just information and measurements; it helps you understand the more complicated parts of the project. At this point, you may feel prepared and even eager to have your in-home consultation. Or you may be left unsure if you've chosen the right flooring company. If the latter is you, you might wonder what the benefits of working with Flooring Solutions are, and we'd love to help you learn more about those benefits.

You've done the hard part. You've researched a few options and seen different flooring types. Now, you've decided it's worth considering all options with a reputable and professional flooring company. We'd love to be a part of your journey and make it easy for you to schedule a free consultation. Let's do this together!
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